Sunday, 12 February 2012

Thierry Henry wants to play for Arsenal

France, Arsenal and Irish favourite, Thierry Henry says he's open to a third spell at his favourite club which I think means playing for them and not being a super handsome witch, although I would also like that.

from the telegraph
Henry scored the winning goal in Arsenal's victory over Sunderland on Saturday and after the match refused to rule out a 'third spell' at the club if he was asked.  This third spell is one written about in ancient scrolls that will allow Arsene Wenger to unlock the gates of his own personal hell and unleash winged demons to hang around White Hart Lane and hide in Roy Keane's sock drawer.

Also Jens Lehmann will open a series of hotdog stands around the country, except instead of paying with money, you have to score a penalty against him.  Except you never can!  And then no-one gets to eat hotdogs mwa ha ha ha Jens Lehmann's evil hotdog stand will leave the potential taste of hotdogs in your mouth forever because unless you can score a penalty against him you can't buy them.

I've heard the hotdogs are actually pretty good as well, so you should just think about that for a while.