Thursday, 16 February 2012

Stuart Attwell isn't very good

Referee Stuart Attwell has made some hilarious blunders over the last couple of years, resulting in him now being banished from the Premier League and having to drag the stone of shame down to the Football League.

Attwell was promoted to the "elite" group of referees at the tender age of 25. Some said that that was too young for a top-level referee and it turns out they were correct. His relegation came by mutual consent. I assume it was something like "you aren't cut out for this are you?" "em. not really, no".

He was in charge of Reading Vs Wolves at the time of the infamous 'ghost goal'. The ball went out of play about four yards wide of the post but he decided to give a goal to Reading anyway. (it was actually his assistant but he still has the final say). More recently he sent off Gary Cahill for a tackle on Scott Parker after he deemed that it prevented a goal scoring opportunity. It didn't matter that Scott Parker had half the pitch still to run and has the speed of a tug boat.

Why anyone would want to be a referee is beyond me. You are hated by absolutely everyone in the stadium and spend 90 minutes being harassed and sworn at by dickhead players whilst enduring 50,000 people calling you a wanker. Unless they like the abuse of course. They probably go home after the games and pay an Asian call girl to come round dressed in leather and stamp on their genitals with stiletto heels.