Thursday, 2 February 2012

Steve Morgan angry about Wolves

Steve Morgan is the Chairman of Wolverhampton Wanderers and he wasn't very happy after the Liverpool game. He could be angry about a pack of troublesome wolves that he stumbled across, on one of his many fishing trips to Canada but that would be pure speculation and most likely made up. By me. Right now.

I know nothing about Steve Morgan, other than he supports Liverpool and owns Wolves. However after searching for images of him on Google, I have discovered that he has a form of facial paralysis that doesn't allow him to smile properly.


See. I think perhaps he is missing his top lip. After they were hammered 3-0 by Liverpool, Morgan burst into the dressing room after the game to deliver a dressing down and tell the players they were shite.  I imagine the players were thinking, "what is this prick doing?". McCarthy was thinking, "what is this prick doing?" and after his rage subsided, Morgan was thinking, "I'm a prick and what the fuck am I doing?".

Wolves haven't actually won a game in eleven games which genuinely surprised me. They are pretty dreadful though, so I'm not sure why I was surprised. It's believed that Mick's job is secure but it certainly isn't a good sign that his Chairman completely undermined him in front of his entire squad. He was probably just angry because he had to watch the club he wants to own, completely destroying the club that he does. It would be like watching the girl you love getting power-driven by Ryan Gosling. That was a confusing dream.