Thursday, 16 February 2012

Steve Bruce wants to be the Wolves boss

Alan Curbishley is having advanced talks with the Wolves board about becoming their new manager. I hope to god this is true because Steve Bruce just put himself forward for the job. On behalf of every Wolves fan, my first thought was this -

Steve Bruce is fucking awful. According to the press, the shortlist for the vacancy is: Neil Warnock, Steve Bruce and Alan Curbishley. I know Mick McCarthy was shit but that is the most depressing list I've seen in a long time. I guess they might as well throw Paul Jewell, Gordon Strachan, Graeme Souness, Robert Mugabe and Pol Pot into the mix. It doesn't matter if he's dead.

Curbs hasn't had a job since 2009 but he claims that this is because he is selective about what jobs he goes for. It definitely has nothing to do with his £2.2m pay out he received from West Ham for constructive dismissal a few years ago. Steve Bruce has been out of work since last November because he is really bad at being a football manager and his nose looks like it was designed by Picasso.

Wolves are one of five teams battling it out to be the least terrible at the bottom of the league and are in good company! QPR, Blackburn, Bolton and Wigan are all truly dreadful. Most of them are teams that nobody really cares about. QPR and Wigan for example, can definitely fuck off. We have enough teams from London already and Wigan is a town that favours rugby league over football. Seriously, we should probably look into banning them from the Premier League. They can't even sell out their games because their townspeople are too busy watching 26 fat men running straight into each other for 80 minutes whilst they drink stout and eat pies.