Monday, 20 February 2012

Sir Alex regrets turning down Joe Hart

Alex Ferguson was on a dating website back in the day, when a tasty young goalkeeper named Joe Hart was offered his way for £100,000.  He's obviously going on the wrong sites because I could get him a dude to rattle for waaay less than that.  I mean uhhhhh my friend could.  Wait, not my friend, just someone else.  What did you say?

Hart, infamous for his 'wowzers' comment in regards to Owen Hargreaves' signing at Manchester City, hence the tenuous link to monsieur gadget, was offered to Sir Alex for the cut price fee way back in 2006.  During that summer the Manchester United manager actually got his first real six string, which he had bought at the five and dime.  After playing it until his fingers bled, he decided to pass on the opportunity to sign the keeper, now 24, and regrets it because:
"I've no doubt [that Hart will be England goalkeeper for the next 10 years].
"If you look at the England goalkeeper situation for the last 20 years, I would think he's easily the best."
Perhaps simply the best?  Better than all the rest?  Is he better than anyone?  Or maybe abused by her husband.  Questions, questions my friends.  In fairness, Tina Turner would actually probably be more reliable in goal than De Gea at the moment but I guess he'll learn.  Or Bryan Adams.  I guarantee Bryan Adams has a sex room in his house.  I DON'T KNOW HOW TO END THIS STORY