Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Simon Grayson is unemployed

Leeds United have sacked Simon Grayson because he kept trying to fit different bits of fruit up his own anus and everyone found it really weird.  Also because Leeds aren't doing very well.  One of those things.
After three years in charge of the Elland Road side, Leeds have achieved completely nothing except getting back into the Championship.  There they linger in 10th place, some three points off the play-off spots and this is just not good enough for the fans, players and also Captain Scarlet.  The Mysterons were indeed a very curious intergalactic group of bad guys, and now their agent Grayson has failed in his mission to get a Leeds promoted, Captain Scarlet is gonna have a bad ass party and everyone is invited.  Except Simon Grayson who is fired.

Captain Scarlet used to drive his car backwards by facing the wrong way and viewing the road from a screen.  At what point did anyone in the future think that would be a good idea?  Why did I start writing about Captain Scarlet?  I can't make this article funny at all.  THERE'S NO WAY BACK SAVE YOURSELVVVVEEESSSSSS