Friday, 24 February 2012

SAF: I was wrong. AVB: I'm never wrong

Both Manchester United and Chelsea were abysmal in Europe this week but Manchester United still progressed the next stage of the CH5 Cup, despite losing 2-1 at Old Trafford. Chelsea still could still progress but they probably won't. The reactions of the managers were quite different.

Sir Alex fielded a team of youngsters last night, predicting that a two goal advantage from the first leg would be enough to see them through. He was right but only just. United were dreadful and lucky to go through after Ajax won 2-1 in Manchester but United won 3-2 on aggregate. Fergie is hated by everyone, other than United fans but at least he has an ounce of humility.
"I must say, I've got to accept I'm responsible for picking the team and I picked too many young players in the back four positions. It was a big risk I took"

That is pretty harsh on the back four though. The midfield were fucking terrible, especially the central pairing of Park and Cleverley. Even Stevie Wonder can see that United's central midfield needs to be sorted out and he's an American musician. What does he even know about "soccer?". Oh right he's blind! Now i get it. Perhaps he can write a song about it.

That is Andre Villas-Boas' "this didn't happen at Porto" face. We have seen that face a lot this season. After his disastrous team selection against Napoli which resulted in a 3-1 defeat, he had to personally explain his decisions to Roman Abramovic. It went something like this.

RA: So why did you start Bosingwa at left back? Meireles as a holding midfielder? Malouda anywhere?
AVB: I felt this was the right selection. I have no regrets
RA: We lost 3-1 you fucking idiot! What do you mean no regrets?
AVB: Don't worry it's all part of my plan. You don't understand because you only know business. You stick to oil and making lots of money and I'll stick to football. Don't worry Mr Abramovic, I know what I'm doing.
RA: OK Mr Boas, I trust you. This meeting is over, I will speak to you before the game against Bolton.
(AVB exists the room)
RA: (dials secretary) Liz? Get Jose on the line.