Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Ryan Giggs wants to play forever

Horny winger Ryan Giggs has announced plans to play for Manchester United for yet another season, as long as the club offer him another contract.  Or if he isn't dead.  Because he's old.

(c) Scott Baxter
The Welsh Wizard has entertained the Old Trafford crowds for over 21 years now but has absolutely no intentions of packing it in and just having a nice sit down.  Most of the players he encounters these days probably actually grew up pretending to be Ryan Giggs while they kicked a football around their local park, which is a nice image.  And as romantic as it is to think of his illustrious playing career and legendary on-field antics, I still want to remind you that he's a wife-shagging, home-wrecker.  Just because he looks like a pleasant chap doesn't mean he won't fuck your girlfriend and then sign your match programme afterwards.  Happy February everyone!