Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Ronaldinho likes Russian crisps

Ronaldinho doesn't have enough money from playing professional football in the most elite, glamorous and wealthy leagues in the world from his career, so moonlights as a Walkers crisps advertiser.  They call them 'Lays' abroad.

Ronaldinho looks like he not only fell out of the ugly tree, hitting every branch on the way down but that he also lives inside is.  This doesn't stop him from probably being the best player ever to watch on YouTube, alongside Ibrahimovic, both Ronaldos and Messi.  In this advert, aired in Russia, the buck toothed Brazilian promotes his new 'favourite' flavour of crisps, 'Mushroom Soup', which is probably actually quite nice, but also a flavour that already exists in another country under another name.  Someone needs to stop Walkers from altering the colour of the bags in different countries too, because some people fear change and nearly buying a packet of 'Hitler's Tears' flavour could have catastrophic consequences.  I just wanted salted!

Some may wonder why a footballer as vastly rich as Ronaldinho would participate in such an advert, considering he lives in Brazil which is quite far away from Russia.  The only plausible explanation I can think of is that the phone signal was bad when they rang him and when they tried to explain that there'd be no money but he could get all the Lays he wanted instead, he sort of misunderstood.

"And you said the girl's hot right? And she's totally cool with it?"
"Yes that's right Mr Ronaldinho, you just have to shoot the scene and then you can have all the Lays you want!"
"Hot dog!!!!"