Thursday, 9 February 2012

Ravel Morrison: A Fresh Start - my version

Ah so my colleague just wrote about this about two minutes before I did, well I've taken the time to write it so you can read it anyway. Or not.

Ravel Morrison is probably the most naturally gifted, young English player there is. I know this because lots of journalists keep telling us. Unfortunately the man is thick as pig shit and would rather be one of those kids who took part in the London riots, than a professional footballer. Alex Ferguson gave up on him and sold him to West Ham. "A fresh start". I wonder how he's getting on?

"West Ham new boy Morrison in tweet storm after homophobic comment". Oh dear. Morrison tweeted this to a young chap.
 "Crack head?" he wrote. "Go suck out u little faggot your a guy that talks if u see me you try slap me I'm in manchester every week."
Probably not the best thing to say with all the focus just now on the lack of gay footballers. It's great to see a young man display such a great grasp of the English language. Really makes you proud. Morrison deleted the tweet later on but unfortunately for him, this is the internet. You can't just delete something and pretend it didn't happen, before you've even refresh the page there will be 1,000 RTs.

West Ham have said they and Ravel will fully cooperate with the FA on this matter. It won't be long before West Ham realise what a horrendous human being they have at the club and I fully expect to see him on Jeremy Kyle this time next year failing a lie detector test. Thankfully I live in the North-East of Scotland so the chances of Ravel jumping on his BMX to cycle up here and "merk" me are quite slim. He'll probably just take it out on his girlfriend again (allegedly). What I mean by that is he destroyed her mobile phone. Nothing else. Honest.