Friday, 24 February 2012

Rangers fans are trying

Remember that time that Rangers didn't pay their tax and then the club almost got shut down?  It's still happening!  Ceeeeeeeeelebrate good times, come on.  But if you want to party with us you first have to fill out a form on fan site ''

Some optimistic supporters on the evil side of football have decided to try and rebuild the secret lair that lies deep within Glasgow's walls by offering fans the chance to pledge money to Rangers' cause without any actual commitment, forgoing the fact that the only people who support Rangers either spent all their money on tracksuits or they live in a dimension of hell where it doesn't count.  From the site:
This site will be used to measure the level of financial support fans would be willing to invest in the club should the time arise.
I'm pretty sure once they get past the 1000s of pretend pledges from people like 'Craig Whyte' and most of my friends, they will decide not to proceed with this idea since 'Irn Bru' and 'Fighting' don't count as currency.