Monday, 13 February 2012

Portsmouth show Rangers how it's done

It looks like Rangers are going to go into administration. Although it provided us with enough lols to build a lolcano, it probably won't mean anything in the end. 10 points dropped, 2nd place; they will soon find new owners, sign new players and will probably be right back to where they were a few years ago. In my dreams they go the way of Gretna - remember them? It wasn't a dream, they did actually exist.

Portsmouth got jealous of Rangers getting all the attention so decided to go into administration again. They are such attention whores.

For the second time in two years Portsmouth have gone into administration and they will probably be docked 10 points. Unfortunately for them, unlike Rangers, they are actually in a real league where 10 points makes a pretty big difference and would put them into the relegation zone. They haven't been able to pay their players or staff recently and also have a big fat unpaid tax bill.

Are the owners of Portsmouth a group of students? They are actually going to have their electricity cut off because they haven't paid their supplier. I remember when my flat mate and I were threatened with legal action for not paying our electricity bills. After discussing the various options we had, we decided doing absolutely nothing was the best course of action. We aren't in jail so I think it worked. 

Fair play to Harry Redknapp though - he makes himself a shit-ton of money, delivers the FA Cup then fucks off when everything goes tits up. Well played, squire.