Saturday, 18 February 2012

Nicolas Gaitan to Manchester United, the rumour you will hear forever

Benfica have this player called Nicolas Gaitan and he's really good and stuff and he's a midfielder and Manchester United were loosely linked with him a couple of seasons ago, and then in the summer and now it's started again.

If you ever wondered what he's like as a player but only want to view that video through a strangely orange filter accompanied by a terrible early 00s-ish 'rock/metal' song, this is your chance. As you can see, he can pass the ball, cross the ball and even kick it towards those 3 metal pole things - almost as though he were a footballer.  The proud owner of a £38million release clause, expect most of Europe's top clubs without a midfielder to be linked to him because some of those teams need people to kick the ball towards the goal.  That's how you win.  KICK IT IN THE GOAL, BOY.  ALL THE WAY IN THE GOAL

and then people sang..... and then people danced... and oh the people went maaaaaad!  Nicolas Gaitan is from Argentina and cos I want to make this rhyme he likes pizza, and on Streets of Rage I always go as Axl because he is the coolest.  THE COOLEST OF THEM AAAAAALLLLLLLLLL