Friday, 17 February 2012

Newcastle United remove 'St James Park' sign

Newcastle United have continued ahead with renaming St James Park as 'The Dildo Adventure Playground' or whatever it was they planned to, and everyone is happy about it.  Absolutely everyone.

That little sign there is going to change into the 'Sports Direct Arena' and the only people who are going to refer to it as that are people in the media contractually obliged to, and business types who talk to Newcastle United to discuss how they aren't going to be buying the naming rights.  Every time I hear 'Sports Direct Arena' I say it in my head in the same way that Chandler says 'Holiday...Armadillo' in that episode of Friends.

Even Newcastle City councillors have refused to call the stadium by its new name, but as most poor people find out at some point in their lives, no-one cares about what they think.  If a handsome, middle class guy was outraged by these shenanigans I'd expect a full on riot but that guy is just sipping some wine and watching Planet Earth.  Admittedly only the episodes with lizards or disney creatures in them but still high class documentary stuff.  He doesn't care enough about the name of a building to go out in the cold and shout at a wandering Sky Sports reporter.  Instead he'll probably just go to HMV after work tomorrow and look at all the Blu-Ray discs, spend about five minutes deliberating over whether Lethal Weapon would actually look any better in high definition especially considering it wasn't shot in high def but then that he could probably just watch it on netflix for free later.  Or even just stream it from one of those websites I know nothing about.  I still haven't completed Sonic Generations yet either.

Anyway, a Nigerian man was sentenced to prison for hiding a bomb in his underpants today.