Sunday, 26 February 2012

Neil Lennon is surprised

Punchable jerk face Neil Lennon has said that he is very surprised that Gary Hooper has been omitted from Stuart Pearce's England squad.  His job is football.

The Celtic striker and his on loan team-mate Fraser Forster have helped their team win the league this year with a minimum of effort and Lennon is shocked that they aren't even mentioned in the same breath as players like Wayne Rooney and Joe Hart:
"They talk about good young English players," said a disappointed Lennon.
"Well, there's two who have been playing at a very high level for two years and playing very well." (BBC Football)
Has he ever actually seen real football before?  I could knock out one of those pandas in Edinburgh zoo with a steel chair, smuggle it out of captivity, attach it to a remote control car and control it during SPL matches and it would still score more goals than the entire league put together if it played for Celtic.  There's no challenge in scoring goals in the SPL - it's like hiring a prostitute to 'hang out' with you and then magically 'getting lucky' in the same night.  And my 10 kill streak on COD last night was more than getting lucky, if you know what I mean.  She didn't seem quite as excited about that as I was.

I'm so lonely.