Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Mourinho will leave Real Madrid in the summer

Jose Mourinho doesn't like the Real Madrid fans because they are all jerks.  How you can possibly be unhappy when you are set to win the league is beyond me but that's what happens when you support a team based on how much you hate another one.

Fat Spanish waiter Rafa Benitez has been lined up to replace the Special One this summer, as a likely move to London, or probably Manchester City takes him back towards Englandshire.  Rumours are circulating everywhere that Jose has decided to move back to England so that his managerial skills are actually appreciated by people, as opposed to those ass holes in Madrid who moan about losing to Barcelona and nothing else.

Mourinho has already told the booing crowds to fuck off and that if they want, they can have Rafa Benitez as manager since that worked out so well for Inter Milan.  Basically he's fed up.  There's only so long you can put up with nonsense like that before you have to just actually punch someone in the face.  Which is where I think the jury on my upcoming domestic violence case will really empathise with me.  I just really have this connection with people, you know?