Thursday, 9 February 2012

More footballers behaving badly

Sunderland's Lee Cattermole and Nicklas Bendtner have been charged with criminal damage. Allegedlys at the ready.
The pair allegedly vandalised cars that were parked near Newcastle's super awesome Sports Direct Arena. Police confirmed the pair will face five charges of criminal damage. The incident happened two days after they lost to Wolves so they were understandably pissed off, Wolves are terrible. That said, when I get annoyed I don't go around damaging cars (allegedly), I do the mature thing and start a fight with any man(woman) who looks at me in the pub. It turns out this happened in Newcastle's china town. Newcastle has a china town? They mean a Chinese right?

It doesn't surprise me that these two have been named. Bendtner is a certified twat and if Cattermole's pitch persona is anything to go by, the real surprise is he's not in jail already. Seriously that man loves a yellow card.  Perhaps he thinks playing football is like Super Mario Brothers and is supposed to collect yellow cards like golden coins. He jumped on Howard Webb's head and then tried to throw him at the official thinking Webb's body was a green shell. Don't idolise Mario and Luigi kids, taking mushrooms does strange things to a man.