Saturday, 18 February 2012

TWITTER WARS! Mike Parry from TalkSport vs Stan Collymore

Stan Collymore might seem like an attention seeking ball bag and Mike Parry like an over enthusiastic barely interesting pundit but...... well I mean..... they're..................


Former TalkSport presenter Mike Parry went fucking nuts at the ex-Liverpool player on Twitter on Saturday night after the two exchanged a verbal boxing match in the press box at Goodison Park during the day.  I have no idea what it was that actually went on but both are annoyed about something.  "Hold me back, guys!" they both yelled to random people they didn't know whilst pretending to want to actually fight each other, but since Collymore is too lame and Parry to late/middle aged to battle anyone, nothing happened.

If any of you are still in the 'I don't know what Twitter is' boat, now is the time to get on it, because watching quasi-famous people write abusive and potentially slanderous texts to each other whilst severely pissed is great fun.  Here's Stan Collymore's replies, try to forget how unlikeable this guy actually is while you read it or the enjoyment is ruined:

Ooooh snap!  Collymore played the lawyer card.  Speaking of which, here's a video about an entirely fictitious character named Demarcus La Shonda for you to enjoy.