Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Mark Hughes doesn't like shaking hands

Mark Hughes takes exception to managers who don't shake hands correctly, and started a mini scuffle with Martin Jol on the weekend when Fulham beat QPR 1-0, leaving the Welshman looking pretty silly.  I don't think he's won a game with QPR yet.

Martin Jol made the grave error of trying to touch Mark Hughes' head and the fiery manager reacted in the only way a man could given the situation.  He left Fulham because they 'have no ambition' but now finds himself stuck with a god awful collection of idiots that can't salvage three points between them.  This little exchange is a bit like if your ex-girlfriend's new boyfriend tried to hug you because he could see you were sad without her.  You wouldn't be best pleased about it would you?  I guess a hug would be nice though.

Hughes said:
‘I offered my hand and congratulated him but I took exception to it when he went to pat me on the head, which I found slightly patronising.
And this is pretty similar to that time he nearly caused a ruckus by not shaking Roberto Mancini's hand when that guy beat him as well:
 “Maybe I misread it, but I just didn’t think Roberto acknowledged the efforts of my team and how well we’d done, by the way he offered his hand."
Basically, Mark Hughes' is a terrible loser and reacts like a child or your best friend when you beat him in the last minute at Pro Evo and he kicks the chair and vows never to play again because the game is cheating and you are a dick and actually shit at that game so it's not fair.  And even though I haven't played Pro Evo for about 5 years now, I still maintain that it cheats.  Jerks.

Here's the video I made about Mark Hughes' handshake workshop.  Enjoy!