Monday, 27 February 2012

Mario Balotelli is dropped

Mario Balotelli has been dropped from the Italy squad because his attitude on the pitch isn't good enough, according to the BBC.

Italian manager Cesare Prandelli has left the beloved striker from his squad for Wednesday's friendly against United States because:
"I don't want players who commit reaction fouls and get sent off. He seems a little agitated to me."
Balotelli is a little ill-tempered at times but since he's the only player not as good as Lionel Messi in the world (his words) it's a little surprising that such a mercurial talent has been left out of the squad.  Another way to look at it is the incredibly irrelevant nature of international friendlies and how in the last one I remember Mario was sitting playing on his iPad.  If he's not being sent off, scoring goals or performing hilarious antics, he's hitting 'refresh' on Facebook in the eternal hope that something interesting actually happens to someone he knows or that maybe someone will talk to him!  Oh no wait, that's me.