Friday, 24 February 2012

Manchester United fanzine owners are relieved

Before that famous 'no handshake' game between Man Utd and Liverpool a few weeks ago, The Reds Issue earned themselves a whole bunch of publicity by distributing these things you are about to look at below.

There are no safer test subjects for controversial jokes than that of the forgiving football crowd - what could possibly have gone wrong?  Their brains are like giant forgiving sponges, filled to the brim with knowledge and the power of reasoning.  The copies of the fanzine were all confiscated because they were 'potentially offensive' and thankfully for the owners of the publication, no charges have been pressed.

This whole thing already seems like it happened about eight years.  Maybe the lines between Football Manager and real life are blurring again like used to happen when I was about 18 and played that game. I'd get to the year 20something and suddenly realise that I couldn't work out which players existed on earth and which were in my saved game.  It's a bit like Fernando Torres' own brain.