Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Louis Saha joins Spurs

WOW I didn't see this one anywhere in the real news!  Louis Saha has joined Spurs and Steven Pienaar has gone the other way.  I mean to Everton, not to his own dimension.
Saha moves on an 18 month long contract, which should give him a good year to get injured seeing as that is his speciality.  The Frenchman is now 33 years old, so quite close to death, and London is a nice place for him to spend his last remaining days of being a footballer, especially considering Harry Redknapp really likes him, so he'll be treated well.  Like a lovely ageing dog that can't see.  Harry said this:
"I like Louis. He is bright, sharp, got good movement and I think he'll do well for us,"
He added, "and he promises he'll come and visit me in jail all the time, too!", which I think is really nice.

Also, Steven Pienaar went to Everton on loan but I'm fully aware that not one solitary person on this earth cares.