Saturday, 4 February 2012

Lindegaard is injured

Manchester United's goalkeeper position seems to have turned into a Warner Brothers cartoon where one guy is trying to outdo the other the entire time.  Like this:

Lindegaard is injured for about 6 weeks with an ankle injury which is great news for David Gea since he's pretty much got more chance of being King Kong in the street dance remake than stopping shots going in his goal this year.  De Gea is clearly going to be a great keeper, but until that day, he has to stock up on his ACME supplies in order to stop Lindegaard reclaiming his throne.  I didn't even know footballers could phone in sick for work, but apparently De Gea just dares to dream and it looks like he was pulling a fast one over Manchester United's eyes, in order that he could buy an anvil and crane to suspend over Lindegaard's car.  Secretly, they're the best of friends.  I think Kuszczack is like the talking version of Tom and Jerry in this situation since absolutely no-one likes him.  And Ben Amos is like Tom and Jerry kids, which was so bad it made me mentally ill and gave me diabetes.