Sunday, 5 February 2012

Let's all laugh at Rangers

I'll start this article by pointing out that I support Aberdeen who drew 1-1 at home with the mighty Queen of the South. I am fully aware how terrible we are but that will not stop me laughing at Rangers. Ha ha ha indeed.

Rangers are fucked. They have no money, they owe lots in unpaid tax, they have a shite team and their fans aren't even bothering to go watch their team play anymore. Unbelievably only 18,000 turned up at Ibrox to watch their beloved Teddy Bears lose 2-0 to Dundee United.

It was clear that the uncertainty surrounding the club is affecting the players. They were absolutely dreadful in this game. I suppose it is hard to play for a club that could very well cease to exist soon. That won't happen, I'm not that lucky but they might have to sell off their players to pay off the debt. Although I'm not sure how much they will get for players like Lafferty and Goian. 

At the end of the game Rangers had Kerkar and Little up front. I have no idea who these people even are but they looked fucking mince. Dundee United's second goal was nicely worked and finished by Johnny Russell. It was about the only good thing about the game. In the second half, United clearly decided that the best way to make sure they won the game was by kicking the ball away every time they got it. Rangers just aren't very good, so they didn't know what to do to counteract this. As a result every single viewer in Britain flipped over to Murder She Wrote. 

The unlucky 17,822 in the ground were not so lucky. The doors were locked and they were forced to watch this abortion of a game. Many are so traumatised by the experience, that even the mere sight of a football sends them into a deeply depressed, furious rage that Dcotors have warned could last for days.