Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Lee Clark is sacked. No manager is safe

So it turns out that even if you are doing a really good job, you can still get sacked. That's why I embody mediocrity, it's safer. Back to FOOTBALL. Lee Clark has been sacked by Huddersfield, despite the fact that he only lost 3 out of 55 games. Football is so retarded.

Just look at that face. How could anyone sack that face? Lee said he is"extremely disappointed and shocked", which isn't particularly surprising. It's hard to know just how good a job Lee Clark has done at Huddersfield seeing as they are currently four points off an automatic promotion place and that he led them to a record 43-match unbeaten run. I suppose they do have Jordan Rhodes, and when you have someone who scores about 10 goals a game it makes winning games rather easy.

Chairman Dean Hoyle actually sacked Lee Clark over the phone, in what is believed to have been a two minute phone call. This is what is known as a 'cunt's trick'. I definitely meant cunt's trick - despite the ghost edit. It's probably the harshest phone call I've heard about since I called my ex-girlfriend whilst sitting on the toilet and dumped her because she had a massive forehead. My current girlfriend just read that over my shoulder and doesn't look particularly impressed. She'll be even less impressed when she reads the text I'm sending her later.

Lee Clark could claim for unfair dismissal but he probably won't because it will make him look like a massive whinging pussy. Instead he'll go to Leeds, sign Jordan Rhodes and give the one finger salute to his ex-Chairman. The end.