Friday, 3 February 2012

The EFA took my captaincy away

John Terry was today stripped of the England captaincy by the FA.  It wasn't a sexy kind of strip like in an adult's club, it was actually one laced with alleged disgrace and controversy.  So actually it was really an awful lot like an adult's club.

Fabio Capello had stood by his captain until the FA overruled him today, and this all stems from the upcoming court case in which Terry is accused of using racial slurs against Anton Ferdinand.  Since we aren't allowed to prejudice any potential jury by discussing anything around this trial, let's instead talk about how awesome it would be if the creatures from Trap Door were your pets.  Imagine if you had Bert just wondering about your house looking after stuff, making sure no one actually opens that trap door and nothing fiendish, ghoulish or racist gets out, how great would that be?  Maybe we should buy *random english defender* one!  Ho ho ho!  What a world that would be.