Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Kenny Dalglish doesn't understand things

Mumbling Scotsman Kenny Dalglish is delighted to finally have Luis Suarez back from his 9 match ban but still doesn't think he should have been suspended in the first place.  Hmmm.

My head is already sore from drinking too much last night and Dalglish's refusal to accept that famous people aren't allowed to be racist is making it far worse.  The whole 'negro' thing has been covered like a billion times and has made Liverpool look complete spastics in their disastrous handling of the whole situation, but you know what?  It's definitely a good idea to bring it up.  Again.  He told the BBC:
"It's fantastic to have him back. He should never have been out in the first place," said Dalglish.
"Luis Suarez doesn't have anything to prove to anyone at Liverpool FC."
Then he added "and besides, he's Mexican or something, and they are used to hardship so he'll come back a stronger person and also with a margarita for me.  Those guys are great waiters".  After that he turned to Glen Johnson and said "me no speak the English", while winking at the reporter.