Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Jose Mourinho is buying a house. IN LONDON!

Jose Mourinho knows how to get people excited, and that's why he's been snapped walking around London looking for a house.  IS HE MOVING TO CHELSEA?!!!

I want to point out some of the awful things about this 'World Exclusive'.  Firstly, it is not a World Exclusive if every other paper in Britain and the entire internet also has the same story.  Secondly, I'm not sure it's a 'secret' visit, I think it's probably a normal visit but one that he didn't invite the media to.  I had a 'secret' bacon sandwich yesterday but thankfully journalists from The Herald didn't turn up to catch me in the act.  And last of all, that part about Corrie's Kym is too small to read - how am I supposed to know if her relationship is OK?  ARGH the pressure in my brain!

So in conclusion Jose Mourinho is probably going to be the manager of an English club sometime soon and I would like more bacon please.