Thursday, 2 February 2012

Jason Roberts represents every black man in Britain

We all know about John Terry, Anton Ferdinand and that whole racism issue. Jason Roberts has come out and said that Terry should not be going to Euro 2012 and it will ruin England's chances of winning the tournament. Good to see that they are getting the excuses in early, I'll make a note to blame everything on John Terry when they get knocked out on penalties by Ireland.

Let's bear in mind that we don't know if John Terry is actually guilty yet. Jason Roberts has appointed himself to speak on behalf of every black person in Britain. He tweets a lot, here are a few relating to Terry - 
"Believe me, the dressing room at the Euros will be TOXIC unless the correct decision is made."
"I do not believe that the England captain should go to the Euros." 
The trial has been held over until the summer, as the district judge was asked to consider Terry's playing commitments. That sounds utterly ridiculous to me but that is what happened. I suppose the concern is that John Terry's inclusion in the squad could cause a huge divide in the England dressing room. Especially with Rio Ferdinand in a bizarre coincidence, being the brother of Anton Ferdinand. Despite using words like "merked" and "dench", Rio is quite a popular chap in the football world and will no doubt be standing by his brother.

It would be a bit retarded of Capello, if Terry was selected as England Captain for the Euros and then was found guilty upon his return. Probably best not to take that risk Fabio. There are plenty other players to pick as captain, as it doesn't really mean anything anyway. You wear an arm-band and "lead by example". When you play for England, leading by example means that you forget everything you've ever been taught in football, forget the way you play for your club, forget about those short passes and one-twos you like to play and hump the ball up to the front men as quickly as possible. Remember if you try keep the ball for more than 10 seconds it will explode so best to get it punted up to Crouchy and hope he gets a head on it.