Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Jack Wilshere is broken

Jack Wilshere's 'minor' injury setback is set to keep him out of the game for the rest of the season.  Arsene Wenger is really pleased.  Oh no wait, I mean not pleased.
Arsenal have confirmed that Wilshere has suffered a stress fracture in his heel, which doesn't help the fact he's already been recovering from an ankle injury sustained pre-season.  This complete misunderstanding of the word 'minor' reminds me of a wonderful story from my own village, whereupon one young lad was chatting to an older lady in the local pub.

After a lot of flirting, the vintage woman and this spritely, but borderline retarded gentleman ventured to her place where they committed the ultimate act of love, banging each other for I assume about 20 minutes.  It was probably meant to be passionate but actually probably looked one fish trying to eat a smaller fish, whilst both flapped around struggling for air.  Afterwards the lady remarked, "ohh I'm awful, I've never done it with a minor before!".  To which he replied, and I quote, "I'm nae a miner, I'm a brickie!"