Monday, 20 February 2012

Inter Milan fan gets bullied because his team are bad

A cheeky young chap named Filippo was spotted in the crowd at a recent Inter Milan vs Bologna game holding this sign:

Translated it means:
"Can you win? Otherwise I'll get teased at school. Thanks. Filippo"
So naturally his team did the right thing and lost 3-0, prompting school bullies to forcibly abuse him at lunchtime the next day.  Only kidding, actually he got invited to hang out with some Inter players and Javier Zanetti gave him a signed shirt proving that every cloud has a silver lining.  Would you prefer psychological and physical abuse at your learning establishment or a Javier Zanetti shirt?  In this case he got both I guess but that's what you get for being the kind of little shit who takes a sign announcing that he's being teased to a football game.

Hold on a minute though.........FLIP REVERSE IT! Maybe Filippo is actually smarter than we thought and knew something like this would happen.  It's cunning like this that makes me always take a 'Darren Mackie, you have crabs' sign to home games at Aberdeen.  Because I sent him some crabs and I want them to be looked after.

I actually find crabs terrifying.