Thursday, 2 February 2012

The Indian Premier Soccer League sounds like fun

India has had some success in recent years with variations on the way cricket is played, and because it is ranked about 400th in the world out of only 256 countries at football, has decided to fix this.

So far the league has auctioned off players for the highest bidders, with stars like Hernan Crespo and Fabio Cannavaro fetching the most money, and others like Robert Pires and Robbie Fowler not so much.  I think once they are bought they go and play for that team but since I've paid little attention to what I have read of this, it could mean that they have to go on a date with whoever it was that bought them.

The new league actually looks great because it's exciting that India finally has the beginnings of a decent soccer organisation to watch at home - normally they all support Chelsea, Manchester United etc and no-one watches the domestic matches.  The benefit of having player auctions and such is that one team can't just be super rich and buy all the other players, like in the failing leagues of Europe.  Also if a country as populated as India gets good at football, just think of some of the amazing players that will come out of it.  Like Lionel Messi but more Dhalsim-ish.  As in if Messi could stretch his neck out to meet the end of a cross.

Actually that might be more likely to happen in Japan.  They've probably already made one.