Tuesday, 28 February 2012

I would hate to be an Aston Villa fan

I cannot think of a worse club to support in the Premier League than Aston Villa. To make things worse, it's been announced today that they made a loss of £53.9m in the last financial year.

They have made a loss of almost £54m but their income was £92m. I don't understand if they are doing well or not? Can someone please explain how money works to me? I have a number with a negative sign beside it on my bank account and the numbers are red but I'm still able to buy things. I assume that is a good thing?

Aston Villa sold Ashley Young and Stewart Downing for obscene money but that money seemed to go into a black hole. That wasn't a joke about N'Zogbia but looking back, it easily could be. Alex McLeish has ripped the heart and soul out of Aston Villa. Villa were an extremely good counter-attacking team. I don't even know what they are now. He plays Heskey in midfield, he deserves the sack for that alone.  

There is absolutely no point in supporting Aston Villa. They will never improve because Randy Lerner wants to run them as a business, they will never be relegated because they are shit but not really shit and under McLeish the football will never be entertaining. The man has a proven record for sucking the enjoyment out of watching any club he manages. I almost feel sorry for their fans but then I remember, Aston Villa are in Birmingham. Who cares about Birmingham?