Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Hell is a hotel in Indonesia

Fortunately for me, I believe that when I die I will be chucked into a furnace and burnt to dust. No reincarnation, no new alien body or whatever Scientologists believe in and thankfully no trip to hell. If hell did exist, it would probably look like this hotel in Indonesia.

Bollocks to that. This is the Hotel Stevie G in the city of Bandung. The owners of the hotel are lifelong Liverpool fans, just in case we didn't realise. In the rooms you will find life-size portraits of Liverpool legends like Stevie G, Michael Owen(?), Kenny Daglish and even Luis Suarez. Although black people aren't allowed to stay in the Suarez room.

Those who are fans of the white stuff can go and snort a line in the Robbie Fowler room. If you don't want to go out and socialise, talk about anything remotely interesting and just want to stay in and watch darts then you should book the Michael Owen room.  The Jamie Carragher room used to have an Everton theme but was changed to Liverpool about ten years ago.

The hotel had a lot of bad press from various newspapers. It's owners say there is a conspiracy against the Stevie G Hotel and all the other hotels are against them. It was actually quite a successful hotel back in the 80s but business hasn't been so good in recent years. They have brought back the old Hotel Manager to try and turn things around but unfortunately he is a massive prick and despite being really obnoxious and outspoken, doesn't actually seem to have made any difference.