Thursday, 9 February 2012

Harry Redknapp will be the England boss probably

We all kinda know that Harry Redknapp is probably going to be the next England manager and that he'll do it part time until the summer when he might leave Spurs.  So I made this:

Every single paper in the world doesn't seem to see past the rubber faced man, and the only guy close enough to the job at the moment has said he's out of the running.  I mean Alan Pardew when I say that, and Pardew pretty much just confirmed that he was pretty sure Redknapp would be made to take the job as well.

And sure, Capello clearly hated everything about England but at least he won games.  Mark Lawrenson gave a horrendously ill-informed interview about the manager situation and explained why he felt 'Arry would be a much better part-time manager than Capello would be full time and I stopped reading it after I realised that it was by Mark Lawrenson.  If there's a single pundit I hate more than that him, I don't want to know who it is.  If they could recreate Robot Wars and put Jonathan Pearce in there with Mark Lawrensons and then the robots with chainsaws just cut them to pieces that would be great.  And probably better attended than the African Cup of Nations.