Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Harry Redknapp is free!

Harry Redknapp and Milan Mandaric have both been found not guilty on charges of tax evasion!  Now we can talk about it loads!  Wooooo

Redknapp was close to tears outside the court and said he was just delighted that the nightmare was finally over.  "This should never have gone to court, and I should have been warned that playing with that board game was going to release dinosaurs and tornados in the first place.  Who invents a game like that?" and then Robin Williams turned up and did something funny because I'm trying to reference Jumanji here but doing it really badly.  Kirsten Dunst was in Jumanji.  Is she hot?  I can never tell.

This is a really hard one actually.  Oh!  That's what she said!  Am I right guys?

Yeh so Harry Redknapp wasn't fiddling his taxes and neither was that other guy who looks like he murdered someone accidentally as a young man, but can't ever tell anyone about it.