Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Graeme Le Saux is not gay

Graeme Le Saux has ventured into the world of 'putting his opinions out there' by joining the 'gay footballers should have support' argument.  Also, it turns out Robbie Fowler is a dick.

Because Le Saux used to not down pints at his local and instead enjoyed reading books and learning things, some other professional footballers decided that this made him gay.  Note the absence of bumming men, or putting cocks in his mouth - just not being 'a lad' made players like Robbie Fowler openly make fun of Le Saux for being a homosexual.  He's not, by the way, and in a recent interview with the BBC he spoke of how disappointing he finds it that no footballers are out of the closet in the modern game:
"I think ultimately it's up to football to really face those demons and actually say 'we're going to stand up for people, whatever their colour, creed or sexuality' and actually give them the opportunity to say 'if I want to be a football player I'm confident enough to try'."
He continued to talk about how much of a ball bag Robbie Fowler is, referring to the 'limp hand' gesture that the former Liverpool striker used during one game:
"For an England colleague and a fellow professional footballer to actually endorse with his behaviour rumours that were spread about me was utterly offensive.
"I spoke to Robbie about it afterwards when we met up with England and he never apologised, not even privately." 
So Graeme Le Saux *just happened* to phone up BBC Radio Jersey to say "it's a shame that there are no gay footballers around, not that I'm gay, and I just wanted to point out that I'm not gay.  Definitely not.  Unless you are?  Are you?  No?  Oh ha ha I'm only joking - of course I'm not gay.  You're so silly".

Jeez Graeme, we get it already.