Friday, 24 February 2012

Ghana players use witchcraft

Ghana coach Goran Stevanovic has revealed that his team have deep personal splits between players because too many of them killed each other on warcraft, or cast spells or something.

So it turns out that the cat in Sabrina was actually a real jerk and has been causing rifts in the Ghana squad in his spare time.  "Why would Salem do that?" I hear you ask, but I can't answer because I don't know.  I didn't attend that part of witch school.  What I do know is that some un-named players have been casting spells on each other like 'Invisibility Cloak' or I dunno.... 'Bad at penalties' but the sad part is that if they didn't believe the spells to be true, they'd be invulnerable to them.  Fools!

Sarfo Gyami, who once played for Ghana apparently, told the BBC:
"It has always happened, but players have used it to protect themselves and normally in search of luck,"
"I have never heard of a situation when players have used it against their own colleagues. That is a very bad situation.
Shit, son!  In a leaked report, Stevanovic revealed:
"We all need to help in changing some players' mentality about using 'black power' to destroy themselves, and also make sure we instil discipline and respect for each other,"
I'm not sure if someone has mistaken 'witchcraft' for 'black power' there because I assure you if you went to themed party for either they would be very different.  You definitely don't want to confuse those.