Monday, 27 February 2012

Gerard Pique likes to Scrabble with Shakira

According to a very football related story run by the Metro, Gerard Pique likes to play Scrabble with his girlfriend, Colombian superstar Shakira.

And thaaaaaat's about it.  This is how newspapers work boys and girls: absolutely nothing is happening  + celebrity + people click on links with hot girls in the thumb nail + footballer posts something on Facebook + ??? = profit.

I guess the only other way to spin this is to imagine how best Pique can fit in high scoring words to try and make things a little sexier, like placing 'fornication' down and then winking across the table, but I don't think you get question marks in Scrabble so that might not work.  The other volunteers in the old folk's home didn't seem to get it anyway.  They also asked a lot of questions like 'who are you' and 'how did you get in here' - jeez guys, old people like games too, you know?