Thursday, 2 February 2012

Gary Cahill is annoyed

Gary Cahill just recently completed a 'dream' move to Chelsea.  It turns out Gary Cahill has really lame dreams.

Since signing for the London club, Gary has played a grand total of 0 games and has instead spent all of his time sat on the bench.  This doesn't really fit in with the whole 'play regular football for a big club so I can definitely go to Euro 2012' plan that he had before, and already Cahill is said to be slightly curious as to why he was signed.  AVB has already pointed out that he had absolutely nothing to do with Kevin de Bruyne joining the club, and presumably he didn't have very much to do with this transfer either, seeing as the £7million is now the 4th choice centre back.

It's a little bit like when you go to the shops to buy bread and cheese and whatever, and you see this frying pan that you've heard a lot about on the tv.  So you buy the frying pan and it's quite expensive but then you never actually use it to cook anything because you realise at the moment you just really don't feel like having fajitas.  Although I guess I could have fajitas tonight.  Thanks for the idea, guys.