Thursday, 9 February 2012

The Frimpong wants to be a matchmaker

Now that the Frimpong is being reassembled back at robot ninja school or whatever, he's pretty bored.  That's why he's decided to use the internet to get other people a date!  What could go wrong?

From his Twitter:
We gonna be doing a new trend called #FrimpongBlinddate Ladies n gentlemen if u want a date just tweet me 1.ur age 2.where u frm 3.kindofgal
First of all, you're a professional footballer.  Surely this is one of the most blatant abuses of your status ever, loosely masked behind the pretence of trying to 'hook other people up' with each other.  If you can't bang random sluts based on reputation alone there is absolutely no hope left for the rest of the single world.

Secondly, this is only a good idea if Frimpong is going to go on the date with you, except he'll stay outside and communicate through a microphone, and the guy will have a hidden ear piece to receive instructions on how to seduce the girl on their date.

"Ok, ok cool..... now ask her what kind of music she likes"
"Ok that's good.  Ok..... Now, ask her if she wants to go home and bang"
"Well I dunno why she's mad, it works for me.  You must have said it wrong.  How did you say it?"

Third, this is the kind of story the Metro would print but they'd have a picture of Frimpong as cupid and would make the tone be like 'crazy Emmanuel Frimpong' and make really sickly jokes about valentines day.  I just thought I'd post this first to see if they do a similar story tomorrow.  Genuinely that's why I'm doing it.  We can experiment together!  But not in that way.  I didn't like that other way.