Thursday, 2 February 2012

The Frimpong vs Racism

If there is one person on this earth you don't want to make enemies with, it's The Frimpong.  Destroyer of worlds, he sleeps for no man.  Rather, the earth simply stops when he decides it's time to rest.  We don't even notice it.  Watch out the FA and John Terry!

The Frimpong has shared his thoughts on the whole 'FA conveniently moving the John Terry case until the end of the Euro championships' decision, via the medium of Twitter:
[sic]wanna no if Anton Ferdinand was in the England team and was being charged for racism would the FA wait till the summer to charge?outoforder
He then continued to say:
If I ever get Racially Abused I wouldn't think f telling the FA.....I would rather tell my mum
So I hereby retract my opening statement to replace the title of world's worst person to make enemies with to in fact be The Frimpong's Mum.  And the only thing I can think of now is people like this:

Which I'm sure is the opposite of what he's trying to achieve here.  He makes a fair point in his Tweets however, and there's not much anyone in the FA could do if a sassy black momma got all up in their grill.  Mmm hmmm.  I'm all for it.  Stereotypes for all of us!  Every one!