Saturday, 4 February 2012

Facebook racism at Shola Ameobi

Some guy on the internet was racist to Shola Ameobi over Facebook, and then someone told the police and now the comment is being investigated.  So well done, internet retard.

Newcastle United say that have a 'zero tolerance' policy to racism, which is good and what you'd expect, and Northumbria police plan to buy lots of coffee and several donuts in order to cruise Facebook well enough to find this culprit.  First they plan to organise a crack team of internet specialists to be led by an upcoming cop, just trying to make a name for himself.  This guy does things his own way, and never listens to anyone else's rules but his own - a real maverick.  After drawing an elaborate spider diagram on a very expensive white board, smoking many cigarettes and shouting 'DAMN IT, SERGEANT' a lot of times, eventually this team will take to their laptops and browse Facebook for hours on end, until the racist facebooker is found, and hunted out.

Or they could go on 4chan and they'd be able to tell you what restaurant the guy is sitting in right now.  And it turns out to be Shola Ameobi himself!  CLIFFHANGER