Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Fabio Capello loves racism

Fabio Capello hates the FA but probably does love racism. He's quit as manager of dear old England, in reponse to how the FA handled the whole John Terry debacle. England fans are delighted because Gary Megson will soon take over and lead them to glory.

I can't really believe this has happened. Perhaps he just couldn't be fucked with all the abuse he was going to get after England get knocked out of the quarter-finals at the Euro's this summer? Capello believes that the FA should treat Terry as innocent until proven guilty. Instead they treated him as though he was probably guilty but just in case he wasn't, they shouldn't ban him from the squad entirely. As a result, they just made themselves look like a massive bunch of twats, again. After Harry Redknapp was cleared today,  I honestly don't think a footballer will be convicted of anything ever again.

I could make a joke here about Italians being racist and cowards but there is no way to word it without sounding incredibly offensive.  Capello actually has the best record of any England manager in history. His win percentage even surpasses Sir Alf Ramsey. He's the chap that won a World Cup or something, I'm not really sure what he achieved because it's not talked about very often. Something happened at Wembley in 1966 but it is steeped in mystery Only John Motson really knows what happened that day and he'll never talk about it. Unless he's got a microphone in his hand, which he always does, the cunt.

The search is on for a new manager. Redknapp is believed to be in the picture, it seems that the general concensus is, "he must be English". I'm sure there are plenty of good English managers who could be up for the job so let's have a look. Redknapp, Pardew, Tony Pulis, Mick McCarthy- I know he wants to be Irish but I think he's English. Fucking hell, that's a terrible shortlist. I've already suggested to the FA my coaching dream team. Sam Allardyce, Gary Megson and Neil Warnock. The world isn't ready for the sexy football those three could create. I imagine it would be about as sexy as Paul Jewell's sex tape. I've only ever seen photographs but it looked like a sequence from a BBC documentary about the mating habits of the Walruss.

I just found out Pulis is Welsh. I always thought he had a silly accent and now I know why. Thanks to Tony Pulis himself for informing me of my error.