Sunday, 19 February 2012

Ever Banega is an idiot

Ever Banega is another member of 'legends of Football Manager' and has recently developed into a fantastic player. Even more recently he broke his leg in an act of sheer stupidity.

I spent a long time choosing that photograph. I didn't realise that Banega is hideously ugly and didn't want you guys to be emotionally scarred by his rat-like appearance so I think you should be grateful.

Banega was due to line up against Barcelona tonight in the 2nd leg of Valencia's Copa del Rey clash but instead he faces about 6 months out of the game entirely. Actually I am an idiot, this was a league game. Sorry!

Having journeyed to a petrol station to get petrol, I assume, he forgot to put on the handbrake and so adhering to the laws of gravity, his card rolled back and trapped his leg between the wheel and the curb. I would usually be quick to jump in here and call him a retard but I actually did this once myself. I was sitting right where I am now and could see my car slowly rolling backwards down my drive. I did manage to get into the driving seat and apply the brake before any damage was done but also I didn't really panic as the house next door would have stopped it anyway.

Valencia's official statement said this was "an automobile mishap", which is a great turn of phrase. Perhaps there is some kind of curse around Valencia because I remember Canizares missed out on the World Cup in 2002 when he dropped a bottle of cologne on his foot and it shattered and severed his tendon. That's the only other stupid injury I can think of for Valencia, but it is now listed on my wall.  IN BLOOOD