Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Eden Hazard wants to move to Spurs

Belgian wonder star phenomenon saviour of football, Eden Hazard, has subtly indicated that he really wants to move to Spurs in the summer by telling Belgian TV that he really wants to move to Spurs.  SUBTLE

The winger has been constantly linked with any club that a newspaper thinks might have enough to buy him but revealed that he thinks Spurs are a really nice team and Harry Redknapp seems nice and so expect Daniel Levy to fucking sprint to Lille to sign him before England come a knocking.
"Maybe it will be Tottenham. It is a great English club," he told RTBF. 
"I said that I would go to England and there is very good players [at Spurs]. I have not yet signed, this is going to happen soon,"
The Belgium international is rumoured to be valued at £30million-ish but since Spurs probably have loads of Jew gold lying around that shouldn't be a problem.  I can't understand how else they afford to buy all those players, although in fairness their current Premier League challenging squad was assembled for about £49million, which is £1million less than Fernando Torres.  I'd actually rather play Brad Friedel upfront right now than that absolute shambles of a man.  He looks like a drunk horse trying to tie its shoelaces.