Sunday, 26 February 2012

Don't like your president? Throw a grenade

They take football rather seriously in Serbia. When Aberdeen manager Craig Brown sold one of our best young players, I sent an amusing tweet. Former Red Star Belgrade President Dragan Stojkovic sold a few players so someone threw a grenade at his house.

Back in 2007, Dragan was the President of legendary club Red Star Belgrade. In order to keep the club afloat, he had to sell a few of the club's best players. The fans weren't exactly happy. It didn't matter that he had won the league and cup double for two seasons in a row before this, or the fact that he is considered their best ever player. 

Last month he was having a nice drink in the Red Star cafe, when several fans physically ejected him and told him he could never go back to either the cafe or to Red Star's stadium. They didn't feel they had made their point clear enough so a group of men went to his house and thew a hand grenade into his garden. It exploded and created a huge crater but luckily he wasn't hurt. Only his Mum was in at the time but she just thought Dragan was playing Call of Duty again. 

Stojkovic himsef is not convinced that the grenade was meant for him. I think he's probably delusional, I'm certainly no expert of the Serbian town of Nis but I'm pretty sure that it's not common place to throw hand grenades at each other. If it is, then that is great banter. Get the blue WKDs in.