Monday, 6 February 2012

De Rossi restores my faith in football

I think I actually wrote about Manchester City going in for De Rossi. Well De Rossi has given the middle-finger to City and signed a new 5 year deal with Roma. I'm counting this as a victory for football.

De Rossi is 28 these days, it seemed likely that he was going to move to somebody. Manchester City seemed likely as they have lots of money. However De Rossi has proved that some footballers don't care purely about money and he has stayed with the club that he has been with his entire career. It's all so romantic.
"What inspired me is the passion for this team and these people. I realised that I had what I need here," 
He is reportedly on about £8m a year which also helped him to make up his mind. Totti is another player who has stayed with Roma for his entire career and I've got to admit that I've soft spot for Totti, despite him being a bit of a nob. De Rossi is hoping that he can help build a legacy at Roma like Totti did and start challenging for the league and the Champions League again. The league shouldn't be a problem but it might be expensive, and I'm not talking about buying players. Do you get it? Italian football, referees, money, the police. Yeah you get it.