Friday, 3 February 2012

David Pizarro might mean the end of Hargreaves

David Pizarro has already pissed me off since his relatively incognito move to Manchester City, by pushing Owen Hargreaves further down the pick of midfielders.  I LOVE YOU OWEN

The Chilean midfielder completed a surprising loan move to Roberto Mancini's side and leaves a Roma team that he wasn't getting a game for.  Hargreaves has been training really, really hard recently (I assume) and still isn't getting any playing time, which I think is an absolute travesty and this signing means his chances of getting a run for Man City anytime soon are severely lowered.

Pizarro is actually pretty awesome and available to buy for £1million at the end of his loan with the club, so if you happen to win a whole bunch of money anytime soon, I suggest you invest it wisely by buying him to hang out with you at parties.  Whilst doing keepy-ups.  Or if you don't come into any money, you can probably just give Hargreaves a fiver and he'll do the same.  He'll actually probably be your slave at this rate.