Thursday, 9 February 2012

David Ginola: Great at football, not so good at skiing

David Ginola is a sexy man. He was absolutely brilliant at football and is probably one of the coolest men in the world. Not even starring in a shampoo advert could make Ginola look like a dick. Could it Figo? Hopefully Ginola's good looks haven't been destroyed forever, after he mangled himself in a skiing accident. I didn't see that coming and neither did the other man he crashed into.

At first the papers tried to put the classic "he's suffered serious throat injuries and will probably die" spin on things but thankfully that's not true. David was skiing at the resort of Portes du Mont Blanc, when he had a "severe collision" with another skier. Believe me when they say severe, they mean severe.

Injuries include five broken ribs, a broken bone and severe trauma. He got some bruises as well but they aren't severe enough. Doctors say he will make a full recovery. I'm not quite sure what severe trauma means, I think I suffered from severe trauma this morning when I was confronted by an un-flushable turd in the work toilet. Not my own may I add. I'm still haunted by it's image, the smell still burns my nostrils. SEVERE.

Ginola used to play for Spurs. Spurs are managed by Harry Redknapp. Oh look, it's a video we made about Harry Redknapp and Fabio Capello. Enjoy.